Our Story

The Story Begins

Tara Clark is a dreamer and explorer. A professional photographer and social entrepreneur. A born and bred Pacific Northwesterner, a mother, a wife, and a dog lover. A seeker passionate about human connection.

The US Peace Corps sent Tara to a village in Lesotho, Southern Africa where she arrived along with a foot of snow. Given her Sesotho name “Malehloa” (Mother of Snow) by the villagers, she later learned to ski both from necessity and because there was a cute young Seattleite interested in teaching her how (spoiler alert: he’s now her husband).

Continually pursuing adventure and connection, Tara went on to discover friends and stories across the globe. 

What We Do for Our Friends

A person who loved skiing and reveled in her annual trip to Whistler with her best women friends, Tara tended to put more effort into planning runs and après fun than planning her outfits.

In 2013, her friend Holly challenged their group to show up for their annual ski trip in one-piece ski outfits AKA “onesies.” This particular trip was extra special as less than a year before, Holly had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She was determined that this trip would be the craziest, wackiest, most fun trip ever. They would celebrate life.

Tara took up the challenge and scoured eBay for a vintage onesie. She found one, then another, then another… and another. Four fantastic options! She bought them all and soon Pinkie, Dottie, Goldie, and Michael were neatly folded in her suitcase and ready for the slopes (Yes, she named them. It’s a thing.)

That weekend with her besties in Whistler both dreamy and down-to-earth, real and magical. And the onesies? Surprisingly comfortable and downright gorgeous on each woman. The matching group kept getting stopped by other women on the slopes exclaiming over their stylishness.

Downhill: The Video

A few years later, Tara was trying to figure out how to celebrate all the amazing women in her life and also how to thank the Ivy Center for Primary Brain Tumor Treatment who was responsible for extending Holly's life far beyond initial expectations. 

Could they recreate that magical weekend on the slopes? What if she gathered together a group of women and outfitted them in her now quite sizable vintage onesie collection and disco ball helmets? (Tara had created the disco ball helmet because if you are going to look that fabulous, you need a little more bling, right?)

What if they created a joyous music video parody of Macklemore’s “Downtown”? 

Following the visions swirling in her head, and with the help and enthusiasm of many remarkable women, Tara made this dream happen -- and raised significant and much needed funds for the Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment.



Kindness and Connection

Tara couldn’t get the idea of creating an updated version of the suits -- that brought her and everyone around her so much joy -- out of her head. In 2018, she decided to explore this possibility. 

Thanks to a decade-long friendship with Lakpa Rita and Phurba Dikee Sherpa, a Nepalese couple she had met in Seattle, Tara called the only person with whom she would feel safe to pursue the possibility of making her dream a reality – Tashi Tsering Sherpa, founder of Khagri Sourcing and  Sherpa Adventure Gear.  

Tara had always admired Tashi for the high quality and beautiful products he produced. What would he think about partnering to create high performance, feminine forward, and incredibly comfortable snowsuits? One that would be sustainable and humanely produced as well as gorgeous and excellent quality?

Though new to the onesie market, Tashi believed he could help Tara realize her dream. When she shared her gratitude for his willingness to explore and partner with her and making her feel safe in exploring her dream, he brought his hands together, bowed his head and said, “Thank you, your words mean a lot to me.  The Sherpa are known around the world for taking people to the top of mountains, but that is not how we see ourselves. Sherpa people accompany people on a journey with a goal to bring them safely home. We cannot control the outcomes but while working together with others we hope to provide safe, memorable experiences that are more valuable than the outcomes.”

His words spoke to her heart and her unwavering belief in the joy, connectivity and strength of humans. When we lead with honesty and vulnerability, the Universe opens for us and leads us to where we are meant to be.

This has been a memorable journey – and we are just getting started! The TaraShakti team believes that our products will inspire confidence, connections, laughter, and unforgettable memories that will ripple out into our communities and send your unique light further out into the world (while looking absolutely smashing on the slopes).

We are excited to have you join the TaraShakti universe!