TaraShakti suits are special – and so are you.

These premium quality snowsuits were sewn with love and expert craftsmanship in Kathmandu, Nepal to celebrate the unique beauty of every woman. 

We partner with Khangri Sourcing, a Seattle-based Sherpa-owned company, to bring these distinctive suits to you.

Honoring the Sources of TaraShakti Inspiration

TaraShakti allocates 10% of our profits to honor and recognize the individuals and organizations that inspired our beginnings

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Join the TaraShakti Universe

TaraShakti translates to “star power” in Sherpa and Nepalese. We believe every woman has unique, inherent star power. When we let our internal light shine and share our wonderful, beautiful, quirky individual selves, we create new connections and loving kindness is reflected back. Can’t you just see all those lucky little star-powered connections lighting up the universe?