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Faux Fur Fannies

What's In a Name

TaraShakti translates to

“star power” in Sherpa,

which embodies who we are!

Our mission is to ignite powerful moments of positivity, possibility and connection

enabling every woman's unique

star power to shine.

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Special Suits Made for You

Slip into a vintage inspired,

high performance, expertly crafted suit and experience the magic.

The feminine fit will hug you

in all the right places.

The soft, stretch fabric provides

an unbelievable feeling of

freedom and movement.

Join the TS Universe

Join us to become a bright star

in the TaraShakti Universe.

Buying a suit will open doors to

exclusive TaraShakti events

in the city and on the slopes.

Join one of our Snow Tour stops to

experience building connections with other

amazing humans like yourself!