What makes TaraShakti suits special?

TaraShakti, in partnership with a Sherpa owned company, creates premium quality snow wear, sewn with love and craftsmanship in Kathmandu, Nepal to celebrate the uniqueness of women. Every woman who wears a TS suit makes the phenomenal suits even more special.

Giving Back to the Sources of TS* Inspiration

10% of TaraShakti profits will be donated to the Northwest Sherpa Association and the Brian & Catherine Ivy Center for Primary Brain Tumor Treatment

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Join the TS* Universe

TaraShakti translates to “star power” in Sherpa and Nepalese (I have partnered with a Sherpa owned company to create my onesie designs). I believe every woman has unique “star power” and she will shine bright in the handcrafted suits. When we let our light shine out (share our power) with someone else it is often gets reflected back while creating a new connection. I envision all those little, star powered connections lighting up the universe.