Whether it’s a girls trip to the mountains or a family ski vacation, we understand wanting to look stylish and feel comfortable! We’d love to have your join the TaraShakti Universe and appreciate that you might want to hit the bunny slope before you bomb down the black diamond with us!

Why Rent:

All the amazing reasons to rent a suit:

  • You’d like to try a suit for size, comfort and style before buying your own
  • You have limited closet space but still want to look fabulous on the slopes
  • You only go once or twice a year to cold weather climates
  • You want to spice up your snow wardrobe for the weekend!
  • You believe in sustainable fashion, and love that every TaraShakti suit is hand-crafted with intention

Cost To Rent:

  • Day Rental* - $120 (24 hours)
  • Weekend Warrior - $300 (3 Days)
  • Getaway Crew - $500 (7 Days)

How to Rent:

Please email with the following information:

  • Rental Package Type: example - Weekend Warrior
  • Style/Color: example - Stacey/Laurie or Catalyst/Gloria
  • Size: example - M
  • Shipping Address: example - 1234 South Main St, Ski Town, WA 91000
  • Phone Number: example - (206) 555 -1212

A customer service agent will contact you within 24 hours of our request to process your rental.

*Day Rental is only available at our Shakti Shack in Seattle, WA or during our Pop Up events and locations.